EMISA 2023

13th International Workshop on Enterprise Modeling and Information Systems Architectures

May 11 and 12, 2023 – Stockholm, Sweden

New information technologies such as AI, Digital Twins, Block Chain, Big Data, IoT, etc., enable enterprises to innovate their core activities, from their information systems, via their business processes, to their business models. These innovations pose design and engineering challenges which, in their turn, result in several research challenges for the fields of enterprise modelling and information systems architectures. At the same time, the new information technologies also provide new opportunities to support the work involved in (continuous) design and engineering of enterprises and their information systems. Examples include (IoT based) process and enterprise mining, the use of AI to help in the creation of models, low-code platforms, etc.

EMISA 2023 is the 13. international workshop in a series that provides a key forum for researchers and practitioners in the field on design methods for information systems. The workshop series emphasizes the need for a coherent view on this field, fostering integrated approaches that address and relate all relevant aspects of enterprises (e.g., value propositions, business services, business processes, business rules, information systems, IT infrastructures), cross-cutting concerns (e.g. security, privacy, compliance) across stakeholders, designers, engineers, and domain experts.

The workshop is organized by the GI Special Interest Group on Design Methods for Information Systems (GI-SIG EMISA), which provides a forum for researchers from various disciplines who develop and apply methods to support the analysis and design of information systems.

EMISA 2023 will also involve a working session to discuss future research directions as well as possible future joint (EU, or multilaterally funded) research projects. This session will be organized in collaboration with the EMISA and MobIS (Modelling of Business Information Systems) special interests groups of the GI, as well as the IFIP 8.1 working group on Design and Evaluation of Information Systems.

Furthermore, an industrial track Models-at-Work will be organized as part of EMISA 2023 to stimulate interaction between practitioners, tool developers, and research.